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Hey parents! You’re not talking about sex nearly enough!

Time magazine brings us news of a study published in the journal Pediatrics, and the news is that we parents are not breaking the icky news about sex to our kids early enough. And, even when we think we are, we’re not:

That difference highlights a primary problem in the parent-child dialogue about sex. “A lot of parents think they had a conversation, and the kids don’t remember it at all,” says Dr. Karen Soren, director of adolescent medicine at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. “Parents sometimes say things more vaguely because they are uncomfortable and they think they’ve addressed something, but the kids don’t hear the topic at all.”

Sound familiar, parents?
The article highlights the work of the Talking Parents, Healthy Teens program. Along with bemoaning the lack of sex in our conversations with our kids, some help is offered:

…the conversations should focus on what the child is capable of absorbing, and what the child asks about. Parents should also take advantage of every excuse to broach the difficult subject — a mention of sex or sexuality on a TV show, a pregnancy in the family, sex-education classes in school or a visit to the doctor around the time of puberty. “If you just get over the hurdle of starting, then once the conversation gets going, you often find it’s easier than expected,” says Schuster. “So use any excuse you want, but just get over the initial hurdle and start talking to your kids, because it’s really important.”

Best parenting advice ever. Talk to your kids. Keep talking to your kids. Don’t freak out when they tell you things that freak you out. And then, talk to them some more.

And, do it early!

Image: Tina Phillips / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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